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What's Going On With That Planned TOP GUN Sequel?!

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With the untimely death of director Tony Scott, it shouldn't come as any surprise that things went silent pretty quickly on any further plans for the proposed TOP GUN sequel that Scott was developing at the time with Tom Cruise ready to reprise his role as Maverick. However, it's been a few months since Scott's passing, and still TOP GUN talk has remained off the radar as far as the future of the project is concerned. That is until now with The New York Times reporting that TOP GUN 2 is in collapse right now with Cruise and Bruckheimer essentially letting this idea dissolve now that Scott is gone. 

But furthermore, Paramount Pictures has no idea what to do with a planned 3-D re-release of TOP GUN that they had planned to launch in theatres as a way to test the public's appetite for the follow-up. Paramount is worried that the re-release might be perceived as a cash grab in the wake of Scott's death, but, on the other hand, they've got this movie ready to go, just sitting on the shelf... waiting. 

There has been talk of a short special engagement re-release, much like the studio did with RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK not too long ago, as there still remains an audience for TOP GUN, who may come out just for the chance to see the film on the big screen either again or for the first time. But suffice to say, even if it does well, it doesn't look like there will be any forward progress on TOP GUN 2 now or probably ever. 


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