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From Django To Electro?

Nordling here.

Well, at least it sticks to the rhyme scheme.  According to Variety, Jamie Foxx is in talks to play Spidey villain Electro for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, or whatever it winds up being called.  I'm very curious to see how Foxx is in DJANGO UNCHAINED, but it seems obvious now that this is a new stage in his acting career, and a big tentpole like THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 will be just the ticket.

Electro has always been a favorite in Spider-Man's rogue's gallery, and I'm happy to see them bring that character back, but I've always thought Electro was a bit of a thug, and not very challenging to Spider-Man on an intelligence level.  Really wish they'd introduce Kraven The hunter, my favorite Spidey villain and one who I think done right can really be impressive onscreen.  But I like that Foxx is up for this, and hopefully he will sign on the line that is dotted.  At least that's one villain we know about for the movie.

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