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Poor Tony Stark is having a really bad day in the first Iron Man 3 trailer!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I didn't watch any of that "trailer for a trailer" bullshit they're doing these days... I don't get the point, unless it's used as a joke the way JJ Abrams teased his few frames from Star Trek Into Darkness. So, most of this trailer was new to me (minus the destruction of a certain Malibu estate, which I saw at Comic-Con because I'm, like, totally special you guys).

Gotta say, this looks amazing to me and bleak as hell. We'll see how it plays out. One of the joys of these films for me is how they play with comedy and with Shane Black onboard writing and directing I'm expecting some super special dark humor... but this trailer is filled with nothing but angst and dread.

I like that it actually feels like a fight this time. Tony isn't facing a pissed off drunk Russian or a suit with ambition. He's under attack, seemingly even from his own tech.

An HD version of the trailer is up at Apple, or you can check out an embed below:



Favorite moment? I think the shot of Pepper being pulled out of bed by that Iron Patriot armor is kind of horrifying. You?

-Eric Vespe
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