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Christopher Landon Will Direct The PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Latino Spin-Off!!

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In a move that seemed almost inevitable given his familarity with the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series, Christopher B. Landon, writer on the last three PA films, has been tapped to direct the untitled Latino spin-off of the franchise. 

This new film, which is aimed at the Latino audience that has greatly supported the PARANORMAL franchise in the past, would take place in a Latino setting, with a mix of English and Spanish language, while also incorporating the very same demon we've come to expect from the first four PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films, according to Deadline

Landon, whose other big credit has been penning the script for the Shia LaBeouf film DISTURBIA, was last seen behind the camera for 2010's BURNING PALMS, which featured Jamie Chung, Rosamund Pike and Dylan McDermott.

No cast has been set yet for this new picture; not like we'd find out once it was secured anyway, as everything about these films has been kept relatively quiet along the way - expect a bunch of relative unknowns. However, Paramount is looking to have something together rather quickly with the goal being to turn around a final cut for a possible Spring 2013 release. 


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