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The Friday Docback Is More Impromptu Than Usual This Week!! + Long Missing 'Galaxy 4' Episode Coming To DVD, A Classic DOCTOR WHO Coming To Blu-Ray, The 2012 Christmas Special For Christmas Day (?), And More!!

Hey folks...

Well, this had to occur sooner or later, but this week's Docback...isn't happening.  Not in the traditional sense, at least. 

This week has slammed me with two concurrent, unrelated, but equally problematic health emergencies.  Last weekend, I was bitten rather badly by a neighborhood cat - on my left wrist.  A normally friendly cat who, in a moment of unfortunate misjudgment, decided not to be so nice.  

Turns out, cat bites are incredibly dangerous and highly problematic due to a number of factors - but chiefly because of the kinds of bacteria which hang out in kittys' mouths.  This particular bite...damn near hospitalized me.  While I managed to narrowly avoid this fate, I wasn't able to escape a severe infection which rendered my left hand practically unusable for the better part of this week due to tremendous swelling, and a considerable amount of pain.  A trip to the ER and many high-end meds later, this situation is being arrested - but this morning (Friday) is pretty much the first  morning I've been able to type at all. This morning is also the first morning I haven't been rendered wholly disoriented or dysfunctional by a number of unnervingly strong pain killers.  

A second crisis erupted when one of my teeth more or less exploded because its long-standing filling had failed, and infection had swept through the tooth.  Two emergency trips to the dentist later - and a second wave of antibiotics later (my doctors had to get together to determine whether or not the antibiotics being used for the tooth would contravene the antibiotics fending off the spread of the cat bite infections!)  - this is being brought under control as well.  

The good news is:  I'm back on track, and next week should pretty much be back to normal.  The bad news is:  my work (both AICN and personal writing) has suffered tremendously because of what has happened.  Again, business as usual next week, and thank you so much for bearing with me while I work through these unfun and unexpected setbacks.  

In the meantime, feel free to chat below about ANY DOCTOR WHO matters you wish to discuss.  I *will* be monitoring the Docbacks, so the Docback Code of Conduct...posted below...remains firmly in effect.


Until next week, mull...

...the impending video release of the long-missing Galaxy 4 (Hartnell, Story #18 ) episode Airlock for March...

...the announcement of the first classic DOCTOR WHO to appear on Blu-ray - Spearhead from Space (Pertwee,  Story #51) [details for both HERE].  Even though Spearhead is apparently easier to master for Blu  because it was shot entirely on film, I'll be you ANYTHING more Classic WHO eps appear on the HD format...and I can't wait! ...evidently,  BBC has (not unexpectedly) confirmed that this year's DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special will appear on Christmas Day - although I can't find any official indication of this?  


..Docbacker Darth Devious has a new DOCTOR WHO-themed podcast!  I haven't heard it for myself, yet, but give it a listen HERE

If y'all stumble across any cool DW news over the next few days, SEND IT ALONG and...ant the very least...perhaps I can post some links as fodder for discussion in the Docbacks below! 




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