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Happy 30th Anniversary to "Super Dimension Fortress Macross"



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When Super Dimension Fortress Macross debuted on Mainichi Broadcasting System October 3, 1982, it was ahead of its time. It mixed pop idols in a story of space warfare and dramatic love. Beyond that, it was an earlier example of anime made by creators who grew up as anime fans themselves. We may not see many space opera from anime these days, but Macross was a vanguard of what anime has become over the last three decades. 



In America, as Robotech, it was a significant step in establishing an international awareness of the appeal of anime.


Celebrations in Japan include exhibits, a Blu-ray/game hybrid of Macross Do You Remember Love, exhibitsMacross: The Musicalture stage musical and a Macrss 7 / Macross F cross-over. 



1982's Super Dimension Fortress Macross 



Robotech opening


2012 opening remake


1984's Macross: Do You Remember Love?


1992's Macross II - legally watch it online


1994's Macross Plus - legally streaming online


1994's Macross 7


2002's Macross Zero


2008's Macross Frontier




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