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We're Heading Towards Halloween!! John Ary Introduces Ain’t It Scary Reviews!! Coming Every Day In October, Beginning Monday!!

John Ary here with something I’ve been excited to announce for awhile now.  I’m calling it Ain’t It Scary Reviews.  

To prepare for this Halloween season, I’m catching up on several of the horror films that I’ve missed over the years.  Every day in October, I plan to review a different scary movie.  We’re watching all sorts of different horror flicks from around the world and from different time periods.  

Here are the ground rules that I’m giving myself for this 31 day marathon:

1) All the movies will streamed.  I want everyone to have access to these, so don’t plan on anything too obscure.

2) Surprise is the key.  I can only watch films that I haven’t seen before.

3) The idea is to watch only good movies.  I’m not searching out any of that so bad it’s good schlock.  It’s all about quality.

Also, for everyone who gives me crap about not publishing a written-out article with my videos, expect to see both a write-up and video included with each review.

Please join me everyday in October as I hope to discover some hidden gems and forgotten classics right here on Ain’t It Cool News.

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