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John Ary With MIAMI CONNECTION's Grandmaster Y.K. Kim And Joe Diamand!!


John Ary here with a Fantastic Fest interview. Terry Malloy and I had a great time at the Miami Connection screening (see our review HERE), so it was a real treat for me to chat with two stars from the film.  

Grandmaster Y.K. Kim wrote, starred, produced, cast... he's the guy ultimately responsible for the bad-assness of this overlooked gem of 1980's ninja epicness.  Joe Diamand was a student of Master Kim's, who found himself cast as the drummer for the synth rock/martial arts group Dragon Sound, and would later go on to work on the script and manage the production.  

Keep in mind, neither of these guys had any background in moviemaking.  The result is just as beautiful and poetic as you can imagine.

Miami Connection releases on Blu-ray and DVD December 11 and is available for pre-order HERE.  For more news and reviews subscribe to the AICN Youtube channel and follow me on Twitter.



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