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Alright folks... Sony is going to make a MANIMAL Movie, really...

Hey folks, Harry here...  This is just mondo-bizarro, but it seems that the crazy insane TV show from the 80s...  MANIMAL...  is being turned into a Live Action/CG mix by Sony Pictures Animation.   Now MANIMAL was a series that just never took off.   It was one of Glen Larson's projects and apparently Mr Larson is on-board as a producer.  

Back in the 80's the adult world loathed the show, but I was a bit of a Glen Larson nut, following his BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, KNIGHT RIDER, AUTOMAN, THE FALL GUY, BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY, but I was never a fan of MAGNUM,P.I.   MANIMAL had a great deal of promise I thought, they just never particularly nailed the concept in my opinion.  And I've known quite a few hardcore fans of the show, for whom, this announcement means Blu Rays of the Original Show, so they're very happy.  The real key is who to fill Simon MacCorkindale's shoes.  Of course the great sadness is that this is going CG, because part of the great fun of the show were those practical transformations they attempted with relish.   



So what do you folks think of this news?  

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