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The New ROBOCOP Suit Is Making Its Way To The Film's Early Promo Posters, Too!!

The Kidd here...

Things aren't exactly off to a promising start for the ROBOCOP reboot. There's been all sorts of rumblings of studio interference crippling Jose Padilha's vision for the character. Drew McWeeny absolutely skewered the script when he reviewed it over his Twitter, and then last week, we got the set pic of the new suit design (a redesign that was never really necessary, except for change's sake). It's really hard not to be skeptical that RoboCop as we know him will be done in a way that doesn't completely ignore all the genius in Paul Verhoeven's original. 

Case in point... an early promo poster that Cine1 got their hands on, which features the updated armor and a tagline that's really trying to be clever but doesn't seem to get the ideas which ROBOCOP presents. I get that we haven't seen a frame of footage yet, and who knows? Maybe there was a massive overhaul of the story before they put it in front of cameras to fix all of the wrongs that seemed prevalent throughout what they were operating with... I guess there's still that tiny bit of optimism to keep hope alive. But I'm getting the feeling we're heading more for ROBOCOP 3 territory than anything even close to the original. 

Somewhere Nordling's heart is breaking...


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