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Ralph Bakshi returns with an original short film that will ruffle more than a few feathers! Behold TRICKLE DICKLE DOWN!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Ralph Bakshi is a crazy person, but goddamn what a talented crazy person he is. When he came through Austin to show a double feature of Wizards and Coonskin he did a Q&A that showed him at his most humble and his most angry within the span of about 25 minutes. In fact, it ended with him walking out of the Q&A, screaming at the moderator as he left.

The man is passionate and puts himself out there. Always has, always will. And his animation style is incredibly striking and hits so many nostalgia buttons for me it's not even funny.

Now, Bakshi has still been working and he has come up with a new animated short that takes a not-so-subtle stab at Mitt Romney, so my conservative friends might want to wade into this one carefully.

So here you go, the first new Ralph Bakshi animation it, what? A decade? Trickle Dickle Down:



If the only Bakshi animation you've seen is his Lord of the Rings or Cool World, I highly recommend seeking out Fritz the Cat, Coonskin, Wizards, American Pop and the fantastic sword and sandle Frazetta love-letter animated feature Fire and Ice.

Bakshi is apparently hard at work on a series of "Bakshi Blues" shorts, so stay tuned to his YouTube Channel for more from the maestro!

-Eric Vespe
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