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What David Fincher has in the works next!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Well, there is some news about some music videos that David Fincher is apparently up to be directing, and after that... well I have some more Fincher news... So read on....

Heya harry,

dont know bout you but I loved fight club, and feel comewhat upset that David Fincher never got the credit he deserved for that film!!

Not sure if you listen to music or are just a pure bred film finatic but 'a perfect circle' is a new band who havent even released a record yet. But considering having maynard (lead singer of Tool) on board I can see why virgin records are so excited... and fincher.... and me!! and the millions of tool fans... AAAAAGH *is excited*

Anyhow check this- CLICK HERE!!!

"Los Angeles, CA March 29, 2000 -- Acclaimed director David Fincher has been tapped to direct the first video by Virgin recording artists A Perfect Circle. Fincher will direct the video for "Judith," the expansive, hard rock first single from the group's highly anticipated debut album Mers de Noms, slated for a May 23 release. "Judith" will be Fincher's first video in four years.

Fincher's unique visual style garnered him worldwide acclaim for directing videos by artists such as Madonna ("Express Yourself") and the Rolling Stones ("Love Is Strong"), keeping him atop of every video producer's wish list. In the past few years, Fincher has turned to directing feature films including the critically acclaimed movie "Seven," the Michael Douglas and Sean Penn thriller "The Game" and his most recent release "Fight Club." Due to his hectic film schedule, Fincher has found little time to work on videos but after listening to Mer de Noms,he has agreed to direct the clip in between his upcoming film projects.

A Perfect Circle is a melodic, aggressive rock band formed by Tool's Maynard James Keenan (vocals) and the band's founder, producer and chief songwriter Billy Howerdel (guitar). Rounding out the band are Troy Van Leeuwen (ex-Failure,Enemy) on guitar, Paz Lenchantin on bass and Josh Freese (Vandals, GNR) on drums. A Perfect Circle will open for Nine Inch Nails on their upcoming nationwide tour."

woweeeeee, this album must be damn good...

spanks, quamb

Alright all you Fincher fans.... After watching Fincher dazzle with SEVEN, THE GAME and FIGHT CLUB... it seems that he's picking up the pace with each film. Well, Today, through the old Victorian Pnuematic tubing from Moriarty Labs, I heard tale from the old man, that Fincher has just signed aboard to direct a project that... Well.... it's been languishing.

This project has been all over the place and has been a script that the long timers... Corona and I... have been tracking since... well, since the beginning. Way back in 1998 it had been languishing in hell, till Jan De Bont and BLUE TULIP picked up with Mace Neufeld this John Patrick Shanley (CONGO, ALIVE, WE'RE BACK: A DINOSAUR'S STORY, JOE VS THE VOLCANO, JANUARY MAN and MOONSTRUCK) screenplay called PATHFINDER.

It was attached to... well just about EVERY action star known to man at one point or another.... Arnold, Mel, Connery, Douglas, Ford, etc... Budgets on this thing have been in excess of $65 to $120 million in the rumored past. At one point, the film was even being rewritten for De Bont after he saw THE GAME.

De Bont went off to make THE HAUNTING and... that was the last we had heard about it. TILL NOW. With Mandalay, Neufeld, Blue Tulip and Paramount all being in the game for the film at various points... It now seems the film has found a home with MUTUAL, the same folks that were behind MAN ON THE MOON and this summer's THE PATRIOT.

From what Moriarty's urgent tele-type read...

Headgeek: STOP

Fincher signed on with Mutual: STOP

Production will be fast tracked for release next year: STOP

Love you: STOP

Moriarty out: STOP

Well, that's not much to go on, but I've been researching my own archive and vaults... as we speak Father Geek is in the AICN GEEK HEADQUARTERS CATACOMBS shoveling through development hell scripts looking for PATHFINDER. It's down there somewhere... though I'm sure this isn't the draft that Fincher and company are going to move on.

You see... since Patrick, David Weisberg (THE ROCK, DOUBLE JEOPARDY) and George Nolfi (who has been writing on MICRONAUTS and A YEAR WITHOUT SANTA) and Douglas Cook (Weisberg's writing partner). And those are just the names I've heard of. So what is the state of the current script? Well... do ya trust Fincher? I do. So I have to guess the script is pretty darn good and exceeds the expectations of a logline that says:

A CIA agent escapes a Serbian prison and learns that his former cell mate a brilliant Serbian spy has liberated a war crimes general and hijacked a payload of plutonium.

To read more on where this project was once at, check out Coming Attraction's PATHFINDER page. This will be Fincher's largest scale film to date. It was once a gigantic action film, that kept trying to get smarter than that. So with Fincher at the helm... I have no doubts that production now has the brain it needed.

Excited yet?

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