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AICN COMICS SPECIAL PREVIEW: Want to take a sneak peek at David Quinn and Tim Vigil’s latest chapter of FAUST: LOVE OF THE DAMNED? Of course you do!

Hey folks, Ambush Bug here with an exclusive look at FAUST: LOVE OF THE DAMNED ACT 14 from Rebel Studios. The book is in the September edition of Previews with SEP121164 and will be available later this year. Writer David Quinn and artist Tim Vigil have worked their tails off to make the final installments to their epic tale which burst to the scene in the 80’s with some of the most gruesome, perverted, and downright awesome art and storytelling ever seen at the time. Quinn has taken a part in my horror panels at SDCC and NYCC over the past and he was kind enough to share these pages to his upcoming book with us at AICN first!

Quinn lists all you need to know going into these last chapters below:

FAUST LOVE OF THE DAMNED ACT 14 is created by David Quinn and Timothy B. Vigil, Painted cover by Timothy B. Vigil.
FAUST LOVE OF THE DAMNED is not for children.
The unique voice and vision of this fiercely independent series blaze in “All Souls,” the penultimate chapter, as the Unholy Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of FAUST continues!
Faustian John Jaspers, reanimated, demonized and more enraged than ever.
Dr. Jade DeCamp, up against the twisted, denied secret of her own personal past.
Darkly elegant M, focused on his agenda of annihilation for all creation.
Balfour, a solitary man with a thousand souls weighing on his shoulders.
And Claire, the Devil’s Dam, still sex magick sick… and full of surprises after all these years.
In the 80s, FAUST led two comics revolutions, comics for adults and creator-owned publishing.
This year, the original Rebels celebrate 25 years with the final two issues.
July and August, Rebel Studios will release four trade paperback collections – The Communion Edition – collecting FAUST ACTS 1-12.
In September, look for a special second printing and autographed variant edition of FAUST ACT 13.
Then October brings FAUST ACT 14, the first new FAUST issue since 2005.
Finally, the giant-size final FAUST ACT 15 ships one month later.
That’s all you need to know, now check out the preview pages below and support indie horror by ordering FAUST ACTS 14 & 15 today!


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