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Check out this incredible and rare on-set Jaws piece, hosted by Peter Benchley!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Sorry for all the Jaws spam in the wake of the big Blu-Ray release, but I just saw something I have to share. Peter Benchley did a preview of Jaws with unique Behind the Scenes interviews and I’ve heard about it for a long while, but thought it was lost to time.

Peter Benchley’s wife has found at least the opening 8 minutes of this video and has posted it online and boy, is it something. Watching Spielberg direct Dreyfuss on the Orca, getting some early thoughts from Spielberg on what the cultural impact of Jaws could be and then, of course, the one on one chat with Robert Shaw wearing a bright yellow Jaws crew shirt… well, this is crack for me and I want you all to become Jaws crackheads like me, so I just had to share it.


Peter Benchley Hosts: A Preview of the Movie Jaws from Peter Benchley on Vimeo.


Thanks to the great Jim Beller, one of the only people more obsessed with Jaws than I am, for pointing me the wonderful site set up in Peter Benchley’s honor and this spectacular and rare look behind the scenes of my favorite movie.

-Eric Vespe
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