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UPDATED!! Jim Carrey In KICK-ASS 2? If Universal Gets Their Way...

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No offers have been made, and there's no telling if Jim Carrey even has interest in doing it, but Universal is at least making overtures to him in the hopes of nabbing him for a supporting role in the Jeff Wadlow-directed KICK-ASS 2.

According to Deadline, the role Carrey is being targeted for is the Colonel, who founds the superhero group Justice Forever, which eventually recruits the title hero (Aaron Johnson) as well as Donald Faison's Doctor Gravity and Robert Emms' Insect Man. Together, they all band together to take on Red Mist (a returning Christopher Mintz-Plasse), who changes his name along the way to the Mother Fucker. 

Carrey is said to be a huge fan of Matthew Vaughn's first film, but whether or not that will carry over into some participation in the sequel remains to be seen. Universal has their fingers crossed, and it'd definitely be a different type of role for Carrey to take at this point in his career, as a hard-R superhero flick is hardly the first project that you'd associate with him. I'm hoping where there's smoke, there's some fire on this front. 

UPDATE: I'm hearing now that Universal has an offer on the table to Carrey. The ball is in his court if KICK-ASS 2 is something he truly wants to do. If so, I'd expect a deal to come together rather quickly. 


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