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The Trailer For THE IMPOSSIBLE Is Powerful Stuff

Nordling here.

I'm sure people will see the trailer to THE IMPOSSIBLE and dismiss it as Oscar bait.  It certainly has big Oscar moments scattered throughout the trailer, with what are sure-to-be-nominated performances from Ewan McGregor (is it me or does this guy never get any older? He's looked like he's 30 for about 15 years now) and Naomi Watts, and gorgeous cinematography.  The movie also touches on a true-life disaster - the 2004 tsunami that devastated Indonesia amd killed over 230,000 people.  I'm also certain that because the movie casts McGregor and Watts as tourists, that people will say that their characters' story isn't relevant in comparison to the thousands who were displaced from their homes in the tsunami.

But  the people involved behind the camera - Juan Antonio Bayona, the director behind the very very good THE ORPHANAGE, as well as screenwriter Sergio Sanchez - elevate this above typical tragedy-of-the-week stuff.  These are world-class filmmakers and it looks like they've made a film of extraordinary power.  Here's the trailer, and you can see it in HD at Apple:

THE IMPOSSIBLE opens this December.

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