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BTS Concept Art, Costumes, And Vehicles From MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Give Us A Much Fuller Sense Of The Film's 'Look'!!

More from Aint It Cool reader David, whose prowess at locating Behind the Scenes vehicle shots from MAD MAX :FURY road has, to date, remained unmatched.  

He's back today with some fascinating costume shots from the film, glimpses of concept art, and several more vehicles.  NOTE: the panels apparently illustrating Max appears very "classic" Mad Max in appearance.  Given that this art was (evidently) glimpsed on the set of the now-shooting movie, this may well suggest the Max character - now played by Tom Hardy -  will look VERY Mad Maxy...appropriately opposed to being "reinvented" in some annoying way.  Of course, who's to say the design won't change between concept art and final product?  We'll see...

Here are the images, which originate HERE - where you can find slightly EMBIGGENABLE versions.  These shots represent our fullest sense of the film's design/appearance yet.  Personally, I can't wait...




















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