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Ever seen a Trillionth of a Second Exposure, fast enough to see light move in the world?

Hey folks, Harry here...   We're all film geeks here.  Part of being a film geek is loving the tech available to capture images.   There's a lot of talk about frame rates and the ability to capture increasing amounts of frames.   Well a brilliant team set about trying to see how fast they could push the technology.  This technology has been open-sourced with the world - so we will see experiments with the tech and we'll see how this will change our world.   I love this sort of stuff, because after all...   Film itself was founded to win a bet on whether or not a horse ever had all 4 legs off the ground at the same time...   Now we can see a part of a laser burst as it moves it's way through the world.  Mind. Blown.   Of course we have TED to thank for this - but I can't wait to see the potential visual effects that folks will get by using this sort of photography.   Amazing.

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