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More MAD MAX: FURY ROAD BTS Vehicle Shots!! Is This An Interceptor, Perhaps?

Aint It Cool reader David has been incredibly excellent at locating Behind The Scenes pics of vehicles from George Miller's forthcoming MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, and is now back to call our attention to a new wave of photos from the shoot. 

This first batch originates HERE.  David wonders if the metallic car seen on the right side of the frame of that second pic is, perhaps, an Interceptor? 


Here's two more - check out the apparently impaled infants on the Spiky Truck!!  Or, are those supposed to be dolls?  I'm going with has to be!  Slightly EMBIGGENABLE versions by clicking. 


Here's a very slight enlargement of that suspected Interceptor (Interceptor variant?) seen above?   What do you think - is David right?





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