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That wacky emerging cinematic presence of Neil Gaiman...

Hey folks, Harry here with... man... my second comics related film story of the day.... Weird... but groovy. We've heard about Neil doing the ol DEATH film, but I hadn't heard about this CHIVALRY short story sale to Miramax. This sounds like something we should keep a very close eye on... I wonder about the background of that 'first time director'... here ya go...

Harry, as a fellow comic book fan i had to send you this, as i am quite excited. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund had its big fundraiser cruise last week, where Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, Kurt Busiek and tons of others were in attendance. Apparently, Gaiman got friendly and the CBLDF on its website announced this-

"Gaiman told guests aboard the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's cruise last week that Warner Brothers is now moving forward on the film version of his DC/Vertigo miniseries "Death: The High Cost of Living," which will both be written and directed by Gaiman.

"Gaiman's short story "Chivalry" has been sold to independent film studio Miramax. The story features an elderly woman who finds the Holy Grail in a knick knack shop and is slated to be directed by a first-time director.

"And, on the small screen, Sunbow has purchased Gaiman's children's book "The Day I Swapped My Dad for 2 Goldfish" as the basis of a 26 part animated series that will be designed to resemble Dave McKean's artwork for the book. Not surprisingly, since the original story takes place over a single afternoon, a new title will be chosen for the series,although no decision has been made at press time."

Also, Batman news- "Frank Miller fans may love the news, or hate it, but it'll certainly get their attention: Miller will be working on projects for Marvel Comics in the coming year, it was announced at Wonder Con in Oakland, Ca. this past weekend.

After years of staying from the major comic industry players, Frank Miller jumped back in with both feet this weekend, with both official announcements and word of forthcoming ones heralding his return to Marvel Comics "Daredevil" and, more impressively, DC Comics' "Batman," with a sequel to the landmark "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns."

full article here- CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE THING!!!!

thanks you, harry, for making us laugh at love.... again.

tom servo

tyler, TX

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