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You have 8 days to help BIG BIRD...

Harry here...  Over at KICKSTARTER, Carroll Spinney, the man that has played Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch for the last 43 years is trying to get his story made, it is called, I AM BIG BIRD and wants to be ready for 2013.   Now sure, it's crazy that this is the sort of thing that has to get crowd-sourced, but there's rarely a lot of money in Documentaries, I've yet to see a dime from the one I produced - and they even sold Toys.   But I don't think there's any human being with a decent soul that would deny the awesome of BIG BIRD.   That big yellow bird taught so many of us how to talk, read and understand the world that is around us.  Big Bird taught us about the world and now...  perhaps...  we have more to learn.   Earlier this year when I telepuppeted out to Los Angeles for MONSTERPALOOZA, I had the distinct honor of reversing positions, in a manner of speaking, with Caroll and if you didn't see that episode, here it is...


I love Caroll Spinney and if you think about it, peer back to the time before cyncism and fallen heroes made the world a darker place.   This is a man that has dedicated his life to the youngest and most innocent - and he's give the world a way to live with a smile.   For me, this documentary must be made.  We must see the wealth of footage that Spinney has given the filmmakers to work with - and they've dug and found.   Beyond just getting to know Spinney better, he's been a part of the world that Jim Henson gave us - and the footage he has of working with Mr Henson...  who doesn't want to see that?   Don't we all?

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