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Clint Eastwood Growls And Scouts Talent In New Trailer For TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE!


Beaks here...

For the first time since 1993's IN THE LINE OF FIRE, Clint Eastwood is allowing himself to be directed. Granted, he's working with his longtime producer/assistant director Robert Lorenz, but it's still a welcome change of pace. Eastwood's last two movies (HEREAFTER and J. EDGAR) were drab, dimly lit disasters - easily two of the worst films of his career. While I'm all for the legend continuing to direct, it'd be nice if the movies weren't chores to sit through.

TROUBLE WITH THE GAME doesn't look like a chore at all. It looks like fun. Also, what with the "You don't know the game at all" insult flung at Matthew Lillard, It feels a bit like the anti-MONEYBALL. But the focus of the film appears to be Clint's father-daughter relationship with Amy Adams. Give it a look.


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