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Dungeons and Dragons Animated Series to Return to Fox Kids

El Cosmico here, you folks remember that old freaky Dungeons and Dragons cartoon that used to be on TV in the 80s? With Erik, Bobby, Presto, and that weird-ass Dungeon Master? And that freaky magic bow that the ranger had?

I remember it too...and I really liked it. Now, I'm gonna have a chance to see if it was just the kid in me, or if it was really cool...Fox Kids is bringing it to the Saturday morning! This will probably be a summer thing, but hey, this is pretty cool!

A fine reader, Chewie Logan, alerted me to a news thread on, where people are talking about this, apparently a few people have seen commercials for this during Digimon (which I refuse to watch because I find it to be an impure form of Pokemon). Looks like the show will be on at 11:00 Eastern and 10:00 Central and Pacific. Whee!

-El Cosmico

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