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The PROMETHEUS Sequel Is Moving Forward!! Fassbender, Rapace!! No Lindelof??

Per THR, Fox and Ridley Scott are moving forward with a sequel to PROMETHEUS - a possibility brazenly advanced by the conclusion of this Summer's ALIENverse psuedo-prequel-thingie.  

In the eternity ramping up to the release of PROMETHEUS, The Powers That Be had strongly and repeatedly indicated that a sequel film was hopeful-to-likely, although this is our first pointed and relatively official indication that a second picture exploring pre-ALIEN existential mythology might actually be happening.  

Fox confirms to THR that Scott and the studio actively are pushing ahead with a follow-up (stars Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are signed) and are talking to new writers because Prometheus co-scribe Damon Lindelof might not be available.

...says THR.

PROMETHEUS, whose nice-sounding Blu-ray release went up for pre-order shortly before/as the movie hit theaters, will arrive on home video soonish.  

In numerous interviews, Scott has insinuated that when...



******** SPOILER ********




...Fassbender and Rapace's characters find the Engineer's home world, we'll discover that it isn't a terribly nice place.  From the sound of matters,  he appeared to be referring to the events of an immediate sequel as opposed to developments which may occur in even later projects.  As such, it seems a relatively safe bet to assume that this is exactly what we'll see.  

Early conjecture and reports suggest a PROMETHEUS sequel would be entitled PARADISE, which would refer to the above-mentioned Engineer home world and could be viewed as ironic given that Scott seems to feel it'll be a decidedly ungood place.  PARADISE, by the way, was at one point indicated to be the title of PROMETHEUS. 

THR says PROME2EUS is headed towards a 2014/2015 release.  More as we know more...




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