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Richard Williams' Un-tampered with THE THIEF AND THE COBBLER coming to DVD'

Folks, Harry here with this Coax bit. If you are an animation fan, then you are probably are aware of the butchering of Williams' work of love... THIEF AND THE COBBLER, which was released... if memory serves as ARABIAN NIGHTS... The style of animation contained in this wondrous work is unique beyond most anything you've seen. Vincent Price is great in it. And hopefully this will be coming to my DVD shelf soon...

Harry and compadres:

I was one of a lucky 75 (or so) animators who attended the Richard Williams Animation Masterclass in L.A. last weekend. Even though he said he wasn't there to talk about "Thief and the Cobbler" (I guess questions about it have long annoyed and distracted him, and he wanted to make clear he was here to teach animators, not to reminisce about how his masterwork had been gutted by a bond company...), he couldn't help himself but to mention to us this fantastic bit of news: he said he had "substantiated" that efforts had been approved and will go forward to at last offer the REAL Thief & the Cobbler on DVD. I posted Richard's exact comments as best as I have notes on them, on my website: CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!!!

I hope you fellas can dig up more on this great news-item,

your friend,

Zig Zagger

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