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The Friday Docback Mulls The Approach Of DOCTOR WHO Season/Series 7!! + Goodbye Mary Tamm, 50th Anniversary/ Season 8 News, Entertainment Weekly, And More!!





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Merrick here...


...with a Docback of a slightly different complexion than we’ve seen lately.  This one’s more of a gabfest-  a potpurri.  General and unfocused.  In may regards, this approach harkens recalls the earliest days of the Docback - a fun change of pace, I think.  


So what do we talk about?  ANYTHING.  But a few notions spring to mind...


Season/Series 7 is rapidly approaching.  Scuttlebutt (and conventional wisdom) state that it’ll arrive ‘round the end of August...the 25th is the date which keeps rearing its head.  Accordingly, I thought it might be fun to open the floor for discussion about what we hope to see in this next batch if episodes...what we hope we won’t see...and to speculate on the variety of rumors which have been swirling about.  Keeping in mind, of course, that many such rumors are, in all probability, erroneous.


As we travel down this road, let’s also think in terms of WHO has come before.  FOR EXAMPLE: Composer Murray Gold recently hinted that this Season/Series may rework Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire's iconic theme music (details HERE).  Based on the history of DOCTOR WHO theme variations...  




...or upon your own knowledge of music in general, what qualities do you (personally) hope Gold will bring to the table should he re-adapt that tune?  What’s the best interpretation of the theme that you’ve heard thus far, and which one is the most unimaginative or lacking?  What are your ideas on how it might be spun differently, no matter how radical they may be?  



Another potential topic of discussion:  we know, for a fact, that Daleks will feature prominently in Season/Series’ opening episode (Asylum of the Daleks).  What are your thoughts on previous Dalek tales [list HERE]?  Over the years, Daleks have been used in a number of ways and changed in a few regards.  Where would you like to see the Daleks go narratively, conceptually, and how might you...if given complete control of the franchise...approach the Dalek history and concept if left to your own volition? I, myself, have been intrigued by many Dalek stories and back stories, but have always felt there’s ample room for some crazy, William Gibson-esque Science Fiction involving Daleks.   


There have been very, very sketchy rumors online (my gentle way of implying ‘probably wishful thinking’) that John Barrowman may reprise his Captain Jack Harkness role for the coming Season/Series.  Wishful thinking or not, there does seem to be a trail of evidence which is worth at least raising an eyebrow over...

Barrowman confirmed he’s chatted about this with Matt Smith and Steven Moffat, who thought it to be a “great idea”.

...says THIS piece from April.  

This suggestion gathered steam earlier this month when Barrowman, hosting G4’s San Diego Comic Con coverage, indicated he’d previously met with Matt Smith and that Karen Gillan lived in Barrowman’s Cardiff home.  Barrowman spoke a bit about the DW cast before the hours leading up to the interview, but here’s his actual discussion with them...




So...thoughts, hopes, apprehensions, or ideas about Captain Jack on Season/Series 7, or on any Matt Smith era WHO?  PERSONALLY, I’ve found the use of Captain Jack in DOCTOR WHO to be vastly superior to the character’s use in TORCHWOOD.  I don’t know that Harkness’ adventurous style, nature, and history fits particularly well with the dour tone and setting of TORCHWOOD -- where Harkness has always felt at odds with the show around him.  Nonetheless, I think Barrowman is a tremendously capable actor and I find Captain Jack to be an excellent character and resource when deployed properly./  I wouldn’t mind seeing him come back...not at all.  And, yes, I tend to share Alex Kingston’s belief that River Song and Jack know each other...


I’d LOVE to see what would happen if someone, PARTICULARLY The Moff, piled both of these completely fucked up characters into the same room.  The potential for great television would be mind boggling...hopefully this'll come to pass someday.  


THE 50th ANNIVERSARY!  Should a round-up of past Doctors be attempted?  Should actors simply be represented by guest shots in which they play unique characters (not the Doctor)?  Or, should the actors represent the Doctors they played - possibly in alternate timelines in which they never regenerated and aged?  Should any potential appearance by previous Doctors happen separately...i.e. one at a maximize our screentime with that actor?  Or, should something of a MAGNIFICENT SEVEN be attempted?  



So there you have it...consider all of this as nothing more as a starting point for discussion which could head in any direction.  I know many of us have been mulling such matters in recent topics and months, but discussion of such topics tends to get pushed  aside when we’re focusing on Classic WHO.  This is a great time to begin our ramp-up to S7, and think in broader terms than we have been for a while.  


Talkbacks for contemporary WHO tend to take on a decidedly more abrasive/contentious tone than Classic WHO Docbacks.  As such, PLEASE NOTE that our Code of Conduct policy (see below) is still very much in effect, and that we take it very seriously.  


With this in mind...ENJOY! 







Gleaned from the current issue of DOCTOR WHO Magazine:  sounds like 2013 will be comprised of multiple Anniversary specials, and the show won’t resume full Season/Series status until 2014. 


Smith adds that Moffat pitched the next series (2014) to him and said, “Are you ready to cry?”

...notes THIS piece on the matter.  

So:  2013 = them remainder of Season 7 (which begins soon, will introduce the Doctor’s new companion in the traditional Christmas Special, and then  finish it’s run next year)...the remainder of 2013 will include anniversary specials...with 2014 returning the show to its standard full Season/Series format.  

An interesting structure, and probably a necessary one.  While it might seem counter intuitive to not have a full series running during DW’s 50th Anniversary next year, it actually make a great deal of specials are far easier to to promote as “unique events/occasions” than an ongoing Season/Series - thus more attention and publicity can be afforded the celebration.  

I’m curious as to what extent MONEY plays into scheduling.  I have no knowledge of this, but I can’t help but wonder if having the who matter came down to more or less having to choose few larger scale specials (whose advantages are suggested above), or a number of smaller scale episodes.  Just a guess...a random musing...





Then lovely Mary Tamm passed away after a battle with cancer.  She was 62. 

Tamm originated the role of Time Lady companion Romana opposite Tom Baker’s Doctor  - a role subsequently taken over by Lalla Ward.  

Tamm’s career far exceeded DOCTOR WHO - she appeared on shows like EASTENDERS, PARADISE HEIGHTS, BROOKSIDE, DOCTORS -  a stint on CORONATION STREET and a role in the Ronald Neame-directed ODESSA FILE feature film pre-dated her time on DW.  

THIS piece at The Telgraph has a lovely round-up of folks expressing sharing memorird of, and expressing sympathies for, Ms. Tamm.  





Here's the DOCTOR WHO themed over of the Entertainment Weekly which'll hit newsstands today. I'm told this is the first time a British television show has ever featured on the publication's cover - this is long overdue, and I can't think of a better way to launch (what I hope will be) a trend.  

More information re: what to expect in the magazine, HERE






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1) a Docback should be about completely open and free discourse regarding all things WHO with, obviously, some variation on subject matter from time to time - the real world intervenes, discussions of other shows are inevitable, etc.)... 

2) matters of SPOILAGE should be handled with thoughtful consideration and sensitivity.  Posts containing SPOILERS should clearly state that a SPOILER exists in its topic/headline and should never state the spoiler itself . "** SPOILER ** Regarding Rory" is OK, for example.  "** SPOILER ** Battle of Zarathustra" is fine as well.  " **SPOILER** Why did everyone die?"  Is NOT good.  
And, above all... 

3) converse, agree, disagree, and question as much as you want - but the freedom to do so is NOT a license to be rude, crass, disrespectful, or uncivilized in any way.  Not remaining courteous and civil, as well as TROLLING or undertaking sensational efforts to ignite controversy, will result in banning.  Lack of courtesy may receive one (1) warning before a ban is instigated.  Obvious Trolling or Spamming will result in summary banning with no warning.  One word posts intended to bump-up any Docback's figures on AICN's "Top Talkbacks" sidebar will be considered actionable Spam - they not only complicate efforts to access Docback from mobile devices, but impede readers' abilities to follow or engage in flowing conversation. 
In short, it's easy.  Be excellent to each other.  Now party on... 
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