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UPDATED WITH GLORIOUS HD!! Behold The Stunning 5 Minute International Trailer For CLOUD ATLAS, From Tykwer & the Wachowskis!!


HD versions are now HERE at Apple, along with a fun reel offering insight from directors Andy and Lana Wachowski and Tom Tykwer...



A beautiful five minute International trailer for CLOUD ATLAS has found its way to The Net via FirstShowingMtime, and JoBlo


Say what you will about the Wachowskis - this is one of the damnedest spots I've seen in some time, and has effectively shifted my interest in the project from interested-but-ambivalent to wholly curious and tremendously excited.  Want. More. Now. 

Based on a novel by David Mitchell, CLOUD ATLAS is due in theaters late October.  

We should be getting an officialer, HD version of this 'round midday via iTunes.  




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