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News On MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE DVDs, Blu-rays, And Game!!


John Ary here with some happy news for fans of the classic (or classically bad depending on your point of view) Manos: The Hands of Fate.  There are two exciting developments you need to know about...
1) The restoration of the film by Ben Solovey, a guy who found a 16mm work print of the film by accident, seems to be going well.  His Kickstarter raised nearly $50k.  Now he's bringing the film to the Plaza Classic Film Festival in El Paso to show off his progress.  On August 4, he'll hold a screening with cast member Jackey Neyman Jones in attendance.  Apparently he's finished 90% of the restoration work.  Here's one of the videos he's posted showing the difference between the new 2K transfer and the old version.

It sounds like the new Blu-Ray/DVD will arrive in the fall.

2) The guys at FreakZone Games have created an action platformer based on Manos.  The game will be available July 26 on iOS and later for Android and Kindle devices.  Here's some of the gameplay footage:


"O Manos... thou of primal darkness!" 
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