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Toshiro comes clean with a ton of cool information on that NEW ultra bad STAR WARS badass for Episodes 2 & 3.

Well STAR WARS geeks this is what you've been waiting for, but if you haven't read Harry's story on this from yesterday do it now... His character name was mysteriously missing from every document, every sketch, but... He's Bad, He's dirty, He's skilled, He's fast, and... He survives Episode 2, and that's more than enough for Father Geek for the time being... But you don't want to hear from me, you want our guy in Japan, you want to hear from Toshiro...

You did so well on posting that first report, and I've caught no flack about it at work so here is the rest of the meat for the dogs. You can clean it up as you like, I'm no editor.

I had access to all his paperwork among other things. This is what stands out in his contract of the most interest to you all; He is signed to an ironclad contract for both EP2 and EP3.

Don't ask me about scripts or anything because I don't know what will happen to his character. (And all of us at my company know Lucas hasn't even finished his sceenplay yet.) But judging by his contract he will survive EP2 and be in EP3.

Here is what I gathered from bits of "info dust" that moves through the halls of my company. The picture I sent was a typical Hollywood style pin-up for casting directors. It is about a year old. IMHO he doesn't have a big body (5'8",or so), but is very lean and sharply cut (muscles, not his tool)

He doesn't do "flashy moves" like Mr. Park or other Hollywood Kung Fu boys. He fights hard and tough, and is very very agressive. He was somewhat of a bad boy in high school (called "yankee" by Japanese classmates.) He has been trying to make it as a star in Japanese "Yazuka" type movies. No big parts (only two), as the usual background hired thug.

He does have a certain "aura" about him that makes you feel uneasy. Whether he wears makeup or not, I'm sure the camera will pick it up, and you will feel "This guy is evil."

From what I gather, he won't be used as Ray Parks was. (i.e. Fight hand to hand using sabers.) Most of his screen tests revolved around "what AD&Ders would call a "thief/assassin" character. His on screen time will be in the shadows killing various characters quickly and silently. Lucas' people kept us out of all screen tests, and only his translator was present during those.

I met with his translator (she should be in Star Wars herself.. very hot.) She said his best test line was (this is a translation) "Failure is not allowed.." This was said as he approaches a character (don't know who) from behind to kill him/her. The translator said he had many lines and, "they seem to be.. how can I say "cruel with a touch of sarcasim." I asked her if he had to learn English. She said at this point, he is being told that his voice would be digitally processed (altered) but would be his own. She said he didn't have to really worry about speaking English well.

Let's see what else... He has never been abroad and was pretty worried about going to America, and then Australia despite his "tough guy image."

Oh yeah! A CG guy in our office showed me some character sketches.

Face : dark grey, dark horizontal band from one ear to the other that makes him look like that girl robot in "Blade Runner." (no horns)

Body = Also Dark grey, covered with small sigils/marks

Eyes = solid black (i.e. no white parts, like "Hellraiser")

Main Clothes : black (of course), a dark face mask in some sketches, but not all, many sigils (is that what they are called?) on his robes, that seem to do something.... One sketch had text on the bottom, and the part that stands out most to me was "Hologram in the Jedi Council chamber"

Other Clothes : There was this folder with this character in many settings and also in other customes. His appearance seemed to change like a chameleon. (Cool!)

Weapons : Sorry... didn't see. But I was told they would all be made with CG.

That is it. I don't expect to be getting anything else because my work is done on this project, and if I start asking too many questions I will get the big bad "kubi" (i.e. fired.)

Take care,


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