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Jessica Biel decides to shed the role of VIPER in upcoming WOLVERINE flick

Hey folks, Harry here with the news that earlier news that came out isn't exactly so.   Often times in the Entertainment biz, there's rumors that are absoltely true.   It is true that Jessica Biel was offered the role of VIPER in the latest Hugh Jackman WOLVERINE film.   A film that at one point was guaranteed to be amazing, when Darren Aronofsky was helming...   but like that alternate universe version of the tale, so too is the transitory nature of our imaginations having Jessica Biel slink across the screen as Viper.   Word is, and you never quite can trust it, that Jessica got cold feet.   Not why though.   Did she hate the script, director or did she just not want to be in the microscope of geek culture.   OF COURSE - after the last installment of WOLVERINE, I can see how they might be having trouble lining everything up for this installment, but we'll see.   Ultimately, if you're like me, you're still waiting on a great WOLVERINE film with Hugh Jackman...  I just hope this isn't like Pierce Brosnan's run at James Bond, where he had shining moments, but never quite the great James Bond that most of us felt he should have been.   Not his fault, just the tone and place of the franchise at that time.   So - who plays VIPER if not Biel?

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