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Behold A Nice Trailer For A Cool Looking Drew Struzan Documentary!! Spielberg, Lucas, Darabont, Del Toro, And More!!


There's a new documentary coming out about the life and profession of Drew Struzan - easily one of the greatest movie poster artist of all time, and perhaps the single greatest movie poster artist of the last several decades. Very much looking forward to seeing more of this...

I can't believe Thomas Jane is smack talkin' MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. What the hell? Someone needs to go give him lip about such his heinous lapse in Geekosity...but I'm not going to...because I'm pretty sure he could beat the crap out of me.  

We'll let you know when DREW: THE MAN BEHIND THE POSTER finds a release date/distribution pattern.  Until then, spread the word about this interesting looking it's about an artist who has profoundly impacted public perception of many movies that are beloved to the readers and operators of this site. 

Meanwhile MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, which recently enjoyed a special screening at The Alamo Drafthouse here in Austin, debuts on Blu-ray in October.  Take that, Jane!



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