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PACIFIC RIM Comic Con Panel! Watch Guillermo & team tell HALL H some tantalizing teases about his next work.

Hey folks, Harry here...  I'm personally of the mind that Comic Con should develop some form of PPV online broadcast or channel where we at home could watch these panels live.  Perhaps interact at those times.   The reality is, it wouldn't spoil the awesome of actually being there, it would only enhance it.   Imagine every panel accessible the fandom around the world.   I know, I'm a geek, but technologically there's no reason it can't be done.   Share the media for those companies willing, and keep it secret for those that don't...   But open up the experience and the Convention would be preserving and sharing the wealth of knowledge and experience with everyone.   

Now PACIFIC RIM's presentation truly blew people away.   And yes, GODZILLA raised a level of excitement.  But that's exactly how it should be.   PACIFIC RIM is going to be a truly mind blowing film experience, then...  like a year later or so, we'll get Legendary's GODZILLA.   We're on the verge of a very real breakthrough in badass film potential.   Right now, we're focused on thinking about this as just really cool looking giant robots versus awe-inspiring badass monsters unlike anything we've really seen before. But the great thing.   The part of this film that wasn't fully seen in HALL H, is the breadth of the characters.   Absolutely, the spectacle is going to be there.   Guillermo jokes in the panel that "and that was just the Tip" and he's absolutely correct.   

What they didn't see is the depth of the world we're in.   The kind of future that this is, is a fully realized anime like universe.   Not in terms of ACTION, but in ideas.   I really can't wait to see this thing.  The detail of what Guillermo's creating is truly something we've never seen - and what it is is very fucking cool.   At least to me.   But probably an enormous amount of you.   Let me assure you that Jet Fist action is a flourish, not the essence of the film.  Now, here's how it went down in San Diego, Hall H...   exactly (minus the footage that I'm dying and you should be dying to see)....

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