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Edgar Wright showed his Ant Man proof of concept footage at Comic-Con and Quint saw it!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. One of the not so surprising, but super fun anyway, things about the big Marvel panel at Comic-Con today was Edgar Wright’s unannounced appearance showing the little proof of concept Ant Man sequence he recently filmed.

The footage was without dialogue and simply had a guy in a slick silver and red Ant Man suit (helmet not quite super ant like, but if you saw this guy walking around Comic-Con you’d know instantly he was Ant Man) getting on an elevator.

Well, “simply” might not be the best word. The footage begins with a view of two mean looking guys in suits protecting said elevator… as seen through an air conditioner vent. Camera pulls back and we see little Ant Man standing there, looking through the slats.

He jumps down and in a flash is normal sized, running down the hallway. The guards react, pulling their guns. As they fire he jumps forward and miniaturizes, landing on the barrel of one of the guard’s guns. He runs down the length of the gun, takes a flying leap and we cut to the guard’s face as a little dot sails towards his cheek in slow motion. The impact of the punch ripples the flesh Rocky-style and sends a tooth flying.

Ant Man flashes to human size again and fights the second guard, flipping him over his back and through a window. With that wrapped up, Ant Man casually walks into the open elevator and turns to face the camera as the doors slowly close. Then title!

That was the footage. Edgar didn’t spend much time on the panel, but he did say that they haven’t cast Ant Man yet (the actor in the short sequence never took off the mask), but he would say that Ant Man was actually here in the Hall, spent to spy on the Pacific Rim footage and then did this:



Well played, Mr. Wright. Well played.

More Con coverage coming ASAP!

-Eric Vespe
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