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Hugh Jackman May Cross Paths With Jessica Biel In THE WOLVERINE!!

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It may not be long before you find Jessica Biel taking her place in the 20th Century Fox community of the Marvel Movie Universe, as she's been offered the role of Viper, otherwise known as Madame Hydra, in THE WOLVERINE, the James Mangold-directed follow-up to X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, per Twitch

There's always the chance that Biel may turn the offer down, but considering she's been angling for bigger roles in films like this over the past few years, I don't see Biel passing on the chance to be involved in a tent pole release that could position her for more opportunities in the future. 

Viper has a place in the Marvel Universe dealing with quite a few characters over the years from the X-Men to Nick Fury to Spider-Man and many more. But as for her involvement with Wolverine, she did convince Logan to marry her in order to try seizing the throne of the island of Madripoor, in order to fulfull an oath of loyalty to her he took before the death of their mutual mentor Seraph. She also employed the Silver Samurai, a role recently taken by Will Yun Lee and who figures prominently in THE WOLVERINE, as her bodyguard. 

We could do a lot worse than having to stare at Jessica Biel in a WOLVERINE movie. In fact, just her presence already makes this better than ORIGINS. 


-Billy Donnelly

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