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CHRONICLE's Josh Trank is officially announced as helming Fox's reboot of FANTASTIC FOUR!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  If FOX doesn't cheap out on this film, if they bet heavily on Trank - if they let him get the script where he's 100% happy, if they get a cast that doesn't belch out "SECOND TIER" - and if they do it absolutely perfect, make it big SCI FI...   And then Josh Trank directs this with the emotion that he brought out of CHRONICLE, a film that counts.  Where every action has a weight on these characters, and yet is still fun, still a discovery and still awesome...  MAN, a great FANTASTIC FOUR movie is still eluding us.   To everyone that loves MARVEL - this is where it started.   FANTASTIC FOUR.   This movie, done right - absolutely fantastic.   

Mike Fleming at DEADLINE was given the scoop on this and a small handful of FOX projects, though this one has my heart.   This is what I have wanted to hear, Trank is sharp as hell.   Hopefully the process doesn't eat his soul.   I just want Trank to come out of this as one of THE directors to watch, ya know?

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