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PACIFIC RIM Writing Duo Is Now Working On GOD OF WAR!!

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Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan may have cut their teeth in Hollywood, penning four installments of the SAW series - IV, V, VI and 3D - but that and a spec script called MONSTROPOLIS got them in the door with Guillermo del Toro to write the screenplay for next year's PACIFIC RIM, which I'm hearing looks amazing and may just blow some unsuspecting folk away at this year's Comic-Con. 

Based on the advance word for PACIFIC RIM, Universal has brought the pair on to take a stab at rewriting their adaptation of the video game GOD OF WAR. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Melton and Dunstan will be trying to improve upon the initial draft written by executive producer David Self, in the hopes of bringing Kratos' battles to life sooner rather than later. 

The GOD OF WAR series has been incredibly popular since it arrived on the scene in 2005 for Sony's video game, so it makes perfect sense for Universal to want to press on with making this happen. Unlike some other failed video game-to-movie adaptations, GOD OF WAR has elements of IMMORTALS, CLASH OF THE TITANS and 300 all rolled up into one title, so it may make for an easier transition to mainstream audiences who know nothing of GOD OF WAR.


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