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Britgeek says celebrate 30 years of BLADE RUNNER with a free ebook by a 17-YEAR-OLD!!

Britgeek here.

Age is but a number. I've always said it. I'm a young guy who got an early start in journalism and later found myself working in the film industry as a teenager. I'll always champion young writers who are driven and passionate about their craft; ones who aren't naïve – nor lazy – enough to merely stack their literary aspirations one on top of the other in a tower in their heads, go to university and expect to leave with a CV that lists what they can do, as opposed to what they have done, as if it was a key to immediate employment at a top broadsheet or magazine. I encounter this mindset far too often and it's frustrating, so nothing makes me happier than to see a young guy cut out all the frothy BS and just go for it. 17-year-old school student Nathan Hardisty has done just that.

And it isn't the first time. Hardisty has previously written two ebooks on video games, but at the stroke of midnight on Monday, as a hugely significant sci-fi film celebrated its 30th anniversary, he released his most ambitious project to date: a 130-page ebook on Ridley Scott's BLADE RUNNER, and it's now available for free on his blog, so check out TEARS IN RAIN: An Exploration of the Historical, Political and Cultural Importance of Ridley Scott's BLADE RUNNER.

Obviously, I haven't yet had a chance to give it a read, but any teenager who goes about writing something like this, which has been two years in the making, gets my immediate stamp of approval.



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