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AICwHK talks ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER, unveils the latest on PRIDE, PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES & double dogs Colbert to cover this one great threat to life here in America - coming to BluRay soon!

Hey folks, Harry here...  After I get back from Rehab today I'm going to finally relax and write my reviews for BRAVE & ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER.   I'm quite a bit smitten with both films, but ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER...  it's just fucking magnificently fun.   There's a sillyness to the concept, but the film is actually played straight and for keeps.   Benjamin Walker aka Young Liam Neeson aka Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter...  that guy is pretty awesome.  There's points in the film where Abe really makes you care, when you're just in awe of him and others where you'll just love him.   His Mary Todd is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead and she's just wonderful.  The period is just magical for her.   The hair, make up and costumes, they're the exterior...  but she feels a bit like Mary Steenburgen in TIME AFTER TIME, but as Mary Todd's life is a greater story.  The cinema on display?  Has as much to do with Eisenstein as History.  You're going to see some shit up on this screen that feels like stunning murals come to life.   Just beautiful work.   Really just stunning cinematography from Caleb Deschanel!  Audouy's Production Design on this film is just breathtaking.   Timur Bekmambetov has been roaring at our cinemas for a while, I love his NIGHT WATCH and DAY WATCH but there's something so appropriate about a Russian doing this version of Lincoln's life.  It is epic, badass, romantic and sad.   And I didn't really know any of that when I sat down and talked about ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER...  but frankly I'm glad, as a result I learned more about PRIDE, PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES, along with some other.. fun bits!  Also, discover what film would paralyze the bravest man to ever live, that mammoth man without color.   Stephen Colbert.  This is a film that America must see, to alert them of the greatest threat to this country.   And it's all in this episode of AIN'T IT COOL with me.  If you're digging the show, be sure to share and forward it to your friends and to people you might think will enjoy it.   It'd be greatly appreciated.

Also, fear not, no spoilers in this episode!   Watch fearlessly!


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