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Joltin' Joe Cornish To Write And Direct Neal Stephenson's SNOW CRASH!!!


Beaks here...

If Paramount is looking to reverse their current run of bad mojo, this is the motherfucking way to do it.

According to Deadline, Joe Cornish, last seen directing the hell out of the amazing ATTACK THE BLOCK, is set to adapt and direct Neal Stephenson's hugely influential sci-fi classic SNOW CRASH. I've always considered this book unadaptable, and just figured most filmmakers who might be up to the task had given up trying. That producer Kathleen Kennedy has thrown her trust into a ridiculously gifted filmmaker like Cornish gives me hope that a brave new era of smart science-fiction could be flourishing at the studios. Perhaps this is what PROMETHEUS has wrought?

It'll be very interesting to see how this project comes together at Paramount, and to what degree they'll let Cornish run free. I hope they won't feel the need to be hands on after encountering difficulties on G.I. JOE: REDEMPTION and WORLD WAR Z. The difference here is that Cornish is a writer-director, and, I'm guessing, knows the book front to back. In other words, he'll be able to anticipate the execs' concerns, and allay their fears (should they arise).

So go ahead, start assembling your dream cast. Who do you want for Hiro and Y.T.? I can't believe we're getting Joe Cornish's SNOW CRASH!

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