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So yeah, they absolutely nailed Gwen Stacy, So curious to see more Lizard...

Hey folks, Harry here...  so they released a pair of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN featurettes and the first focuses upon Gwen & Peter, their chemistry and dynamic - and yeah, they got the exact right Gwen Stacy. Holy shit.   She's just...  wow.   Her hair, her makeup and her outfits all scream Gwen Stacy.   As much as I loved SPIDER-MAN for the action...  I don't know.   I think I kind of learned how to fall in love with someone through Ditko, Romita & Lee's issues.   The reason I loved Peter as a character wasn't because he was bitten by a radioactive spider.   It was because he desperately did not want to be alone.   He was phobic of failing his family and friends.   He could never show off personally because he had 2 tons of humility dripping down upon him.   Peter Parker was a good boy.   He had a good soul.   He would question doing the right thing, but then do it anyway.   He wasn't a natural alpha male.  But you take his face away, even if he didn't particularly look bad.   His drawn self had loads of charisma.   Parker's hangups were between his years and in his cobwebbed wallet.   But when Peter had a girl to woo, it was painful.   He actually had girls crushing on him, but he could never see it.  He wasn't the sort to see it.   Peter Parker felt real to me.  

I read those issues, the original run when I was about to graduate from Junior High to my Freshman year of High School.  I found it helped enormously.   I read some of the issues 5 and 6 times.   That's why, when a friend of mine who saw THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN told me that he was absolutely positive that I was going to flip for it.   I started getting really excited.

These two featurettes have gone to just increase that confidence in the film.   THE LIZARD featurette even has THE LIZARD talking.  Intelligently.  Fucking Yes.

Can not wait to see more!   Here ya go...

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