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The International DJANGO UNCHAINED Trailer!

Nordling here.

I've read a little bit on some political blogs about reaction to the first DJANGO UNCHAINED trailer, and it seems that either some people don't get it or they haven't been seeing very many Quentin Tarantino movies.  Tarantino is playing with a controversial bit of history, for sure, but he's doing the same thing here that he did in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS - he's creating alternate worlds for the audience to play with and enjoy.  I don't think there's a mean-spirited bone in QT's body.

In short, politicos - lighten up.  It's a movie.

I think this might be our first look at Samuel Jackson in DJANGO UNCHAINED, although it's a very brief one.  This one centers a little more on plot than the US Trailer, but the result is the same - this looks incredibly fun and I can't wait for Christmas.  That shot of the blood on the cotton is pure Sergio Leone stuff:

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