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Joss Whedon’s Three-Hour THE AVENGERS: DIRECTOR’S CUT Coming To Cinemas In August??

I am – Hercules!!

Could the nation’s cinemas be getting a 35-minute-longer “director’s cut” of Joss Whedon’s “Marvel’s The Avengers” this August?

Such a cut is already rumored for a forthcoming Blu-ray release.

Both and SuperHeroAuthority have a source who says Disney could make it happen ahead of the movie’s expected Blu-ray release this fall.

A three-hour version of the superhero epic might  find its way to the big screen in an effort to make “Avengers” the all-time domestic box office champ.

All-time top domestic grosses as of June 11 (in millions):
$760.5 Avatar
$658.6 Titanic
$573.7 The Avengers
$533.3 The Dark Knight
$474.5 The Phantom Menace

I find this a smashing idea. It would also likely help promote the Blu-ray.

Find all of SuperHero Authority’s story on the matter here.

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