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No Lie!! They're Making A TONKA TRUCKS Movie!!

The Kidd here...

And by "they" I mean Sony Pictures Animation, Hasbro and Happy Madison who are teaming up to create a fully animated flick for little boys who like playing with their trucks. 

The announcement came down yesterday, following news that Sony is also working with Hasbro on a live-action RISK movie in addition to CANDY LAND (which is also being produced by Happy Madison).

I don't necessarily know that a Tonka movie is a bad idea, since kids need some form of entertainment to watch, and what better thing for boys than watching some type of story centered around dump trucks and monster trucks and steamrollers. We can only hope that it's better than most of the fare being made for children these days (i.e. THE CHIPMUNKS). However, I'm not feeling a whole lot of confidence in a movie that very likely will feature the voice of Adam Sandler from the company that brought you BATTLESHIP.



-Billy Donnelly

"The Infamous Billy The Kidd"

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