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The New PATRIOT trailer is coming this Friday

Hey folks, Harry here with a tid bit about where you can see the expanded trailer for THE PATRIOT. And also to comment a bit about an advance extravaganza that Sony threw for THE PATRIOT. For a damn fine bit of coverage of the event, click over to COMING ATTRACTIONS to check it out. We here at AICN were a bit shocked when we heard about the screening of 45 minutes of THE PATRIOT for the press... but when Moriarty was asked to attend, he decided not to go. Mainly because he hadn't read the script, and felt that it really wouldn't serve any purpose. We'd seen the ShoWest footage, he new the film was pretty and graphically violent, and he felt that the only thing to really see know is the Film... in it's complete length state with the John Williams score. I agreed with him. I'm dying to see THE PATRIOT, but to watch 45 minutes of rough footage and say that you can't imagine any other summmer film to be better... Is... well, a bit odd. The 45 minutes focused on the big aspects of the film, the scope and size of the film, the intensity of the battles. What really counts on a film like this is that other 2 hours. Having read the script, the shooting draft, I feel confident in saying the material is there to have this be a Great film. But we have to wait and see how those dramatics play out. The reviews have been pretty positive for the film in it's rough state... not ecstatic. They've got some honing to do... let's wait and see.

Hi Mr. Knowles,

I've got some exciting news to share with you. This Friday, April 14, "The Patriot" trailer will be premiering on the site (The Patriot Site) the same time it's going out in theatres with the release of 28 Days!

In addition to viewing the full length trailer, we would love for fans to enter their email addresses on our site for updates, keeping them at the forefront of news and information about The Patriot movie.

Ain't it cool? Thank you for your time!

Sony dude

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