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Jamie Foxx Could Be Sworn In As The President For WHITE HOUSE DOWN!!

The Kidd here...

It's very possible that when a paramilitary group infiltrates the White House and takes the President hostage for Roland Emmerich's WHITE HOUSE DOWN, the man in the Oval Office may wind up being Jamie Foxx. 

According to Variety, Foxx is starting some discussions with Emmerich and Sony about being elected for their action tent pole that would see Channing Tatum as a Secret Service agent taking out the terrorists one by one until the President has been rescued. 

DIE HARD in the White House I get... but does Jamie Foxx really need protecting at the hands of Channing Tatum? I realize Tatum is the guy you delay your movie nine months to get more of, but I find it a little hard to believe that Foxx couldn't handle his own if he had been taken hostage. Harrison Ford took on his attackers. Bill Pullman got into a jet and fought them off. Jamie Foxx needs Channing Tatum to rescue him? I'm all for the concept, but Foxx may be a bit too tough to properly fit the role... especially once everyone sees DJANGO UNCHAINED.


-Billy Donnelly

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