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Behold Paramount's 100th Anniversary Celebration Poster!!


Paramount is celebrating 100 years of Paramountness - and have issued a clever poster to commemorate their reign.  The image below is EMBIGGENABLE.  Various image files of this poster are making their way 'round the Internet now - this one originates HERE and is EMBIGGENABLE!

Love their graphic for WINGS (1927).  The recently issued, fully restored Blu-ray is breathtaking, and the quality / scale / technical sophistication of the film is staggering even by today's standards.  Highly recommended as a piece of film history, and for sheer entertainment value.  I've already watched hundreds of movies and television shows since the beginning of 2012 - WINGS remains the picture with which I am most in love this year.  Well, maybe behind WRATH OF KHAN...





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