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John Ary From The ATX Television Festival!!

ATX Television Festival


John Ary here with a look at the first ever ATX Television Festival held over the weekend in Austin, TX. The convention brought in an impressive array of writers, producers, and actors from all genres of TV and I had the opportunity to bring my camera to several of the panels.

Let's start first with the TBS very funny discussion with creative team members from Cougar Town and the new show Sullivan & Son. The first clip explains Cougar Town's awful name and how it originally started off as a joke between Scrubs writers.



Later Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel explained how Cougar Town worked together with Dan Harmon and the writers of Community to place Abed in the background of the ABC show.



Moving on to science fiction and fantasy, some of the genre's most prolific and influencial writers and producers came together to discuss how the landscape of television has changed. In this clip they talk about pros and cons of low budgets and Jane Espenson reveals what happened top the missing episode of Caprica.



Later on the show Game of Thrones was brought up. The panelists discuss the advantages of producing a television show based on a series of novels and working with HBO.



Finally, Scott Wolf brought his new animated cartoon Kaijudo to the festival. I had the opportunity to sit down with him to ask about the new action/adventure, his career and his experience working on Double Dragon.



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