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WORLD WAR Z Falls Victim To The Reshoot Plague!!

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Reshoots can be a pretty common occurrence for films - picking up some shots here and there, reworking a couple scenes that didn't come together originally, adding in new scenes that flesh out the story or help other things make more sense. It happens, and it's just a part of the process. Maybe a few days or a couple of weeks get tacked onto the schedule after the fact, but seven weeks... for a film that wrapped last year... and was originally targeted for release over this holiday season...? That's what is plaguing WORLD WAR Z these days. 

According to the Daily Mail, seven weeks of reshoots have been called for in Budapest... you could actually shoot another entire movie in that time span. As far as the nature of the additional filming, that remains a mystery for now, but it's pretty clear there is a lot of unhappiness going on at the moment with what WORLD WAR Z looks like. 

I've been hearing for quite some time that the WORLD WAR Z we see on the screen will only vaguely resemble Max Brooks' book, and perhaps this is their chance to correct some of that. After all, changing what made the book so popular in the first place really seemed to defeat the purpose of making this zombie epic. You can make your run of the mill zombie flick without having to use this particular title. Therefore, with any luck, Marc Forster and Brad Pitt are going back in to make this more of that oral history we'd like to see told in a WORLD WAR Z film. 

WORLD WAR Z is slated for a June 21, 2013 release. Hopefully, they'll figure it out by then. 


-Billy Donnelly

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