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Tired of PROMETHEUS previews? Here's 1982 Ridley Scott/Douglas Trumbull/Syd Mead giving a convention a look at the world of BLADE RUNNER!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   We at AICN celebrate the world of geek and geek cool.   I can tell that a ton of you are plum wore down by the visual hype of PROMETHEUS - and right now, you're ducking your head, plugging your ears and covering your eyes to avoid learning a single additional thing.   BUT - Ridley's involvement has you Pavlovianly drooling wanting to see more and hear more from Ridley.   Well, you're not going to get a single PROMETHEUS spoiler here.   You're going to get 100% BTS on BLADE RUNNER - and this is a featurette I've never seen before.   It is spectacular.   Behold...

I just wish that the rights issues on BLADE RUNNER were settled so the Alamo could have arguably the greatest of the 1982 films as part of the revival.  This will have to hold us over.  And the spectacular BluRay we all have in a shiny briefcase.

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