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The day we've all been waiting for has arrived...IN THE ARMY NOW II is in the works!

Ambush Bug here. Though I usually post only horror and comics, I think this kind of applies in a warped way.

Pauly Shore and Andy Dick have announced the IN THE ARMY NOW sequel is in the works!

Before the internet cracks in half, here are the details.

"Yesterday, over looking Cannon Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills, Pauly Shore was a guest on Andy Dick Live, a weekly live internet TV show filmed at FilmOn.TV Studios. Among girls in bikinis and Andy Dicks usual group of crazies, Andy and Pauly discussed their past films including their huge box office success and fan favorite, In The Army Now.

"I've always said we should do In The Army Again," said Andy Dick. "We should rescue Katey Perry from a USO show gone bad or something."

Pauly Shore loved the idea. "We just need a script and someone to back the project and I'm in."

Billionaire and FilmOn.TV CEO Alki David jumped in, "I'll back it if both of you star in it." Right there streaming live, film history was made. Andy Dick says a treatment is already written and they will be writing the script as soon as possible.

You may now proceed to shit your pants in anticipation for opening day...

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